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PHOTOS: Iron Mountain Park kicks off Summer with mud racing, concert and camping
Participants in the Southern Bounty Series Mud Racing Event on Saturday, May 22, hosted by Iron Mountain Park. Photos by Jacob Smith.

Summer started off strong over the weekend, with the Southern Bounty Series ‘mud bog’ race held at Iron Mountain Park in North Georgia. 

Along with 70 AV racers competing in timed trials throughout the weekend, Iron Mountain Resort Spokeswoman Kalie Smith said that hundreds of campers stayed at the resort during the weekend to experience drive-in movies, racing and concert from Craig Campbell. 

“The event went really well,” Smith said. “One of the best we’ve had so far. It’s very different from what we usually do and what our normal customer sees. It’s a brand new type of off-roading to bring to the community.”

The winners of the bounty series race won $8,000, but it was more than just the race for the patrons, Smith said. Beyond the planned events, dirt bikes and AVs were driven all over Iron Mountain’s  4,300 acres.

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“I like that there were different things going on,” Smith said. “You can move around and experience all different kinds of things in one weekend.” 

Country singer Craig Campbell played the Saturday night concert. There was a small section for standing room, but most drivers just parked their AV or four wheelers along the outside of the stage and listened to his songs like ‘Outskirts of Heaven,’ ‘Fish’ and ‘Keep Them Kisses Comin.’

One camper, Hunter Tate from Austell, said that he brought his two boys out to the event as an opportunity to talk to professional racers in hopes of getting involved in the industry. 

“It’s a fun weekend to hang out but also maybe get some business done,” Tate said. “Even if no business gets finished, it’s a gorgeous weekend to stay on the track and do some riding.” 

After the races were over on Saturday, vendors and different off road scavenger hunts continued through the event’s end on Sunday, May 23. 

Smith added that Iron Mountain is excited to continue a Summer season full of events. 

For Independence Day, they will host a fireworks show. Construction recently finished on a world-class motocross track that will host several other events this Summer. Even an Airsoft competition will be held in early September. 

“There’s so much going on that we want to bring to the people around us,” Smith said. “We are glad to be able to host people from all around the world to come join us for our events.”