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#DawsonCoAidsKentucky: Church is "in it for the long haul"
Kentucky donations update
Last week, Harmony Baptist Church donated a closed trailer with $22,000 in construction supplies to a relief site for Kentucky tornado victims. - photo by Julia Hansen
After an EF-4 tornado decimated western Kentucky in December, Harmony Baptist Church pastor Tony Holtzclaw personally watched as people braved dangerous winter weather last week to obtain basic necessities. “It’s snowing, it’s cold and these people have no home…I can’t begin to tell you how this has broken my heart. Please, please, please be in prayer for these families,” Holtzclaw said during a Facebook live update from The River church in Nortonville, Kentucky. Over the past three weeks, Harmony Baptist has collected construction items to help Kentucky residents rebuild their homes, many of which are missing roofs or walls after the tornado.