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“Brunch and Bouquets” filled the Bowen with colors and laughter
brunch and bouquets 1
Tracey Smith describes the process that went into designing each of the colorful floral centerpieces at the “Brunch and Bouquets” event on Aug. 24. - photo by Erica Jones

The inside of the Bowen Center for the Arts bustled with activity. Dozens of women sat around tables, eating brunch and pastries off of floral paper plates, talking and laughing with one another. 

brunch and bouquets 2
“Brunch and Bouquets” attendees try their hand at making their own floral arrangements during the event. - photo by Erica Jones

We were attending a floral arranging class called “Brunch and Bouquets,” hosted at the Bowen and taught by Bowen board member and interior designer Tracey Smith.

As attendees finished up eating brunch, Smith began circulating the room, pointing out and discussing the different floral bouquets adorning each table. She described the thought that went into arranging each one, from choosing complimentary colors to picking out the perfect vase to place the flowers in. 

Smith returned to the front of the room, where several empty vases and buckets of different flowers and greenery stood. We watched as she described how to start building the perfect floral bouquet, adding in different pieces to a vase as she talked. 

Gradually, the arrangement started taking shape, changing from an empty vase to a floral arrangement with greenery and brightly colored flowers arranged in a large curved shape. 

brunch and bouquets 3
Smith talks through and demonstrates how to make the perfect floral arrangement. - photo by Erica Jones

As she finished her presentation, Smith turned the arrangement around on a turntable so we could see it from all angles. She pointed out which pieces in the centerpiece needed tweaking and made adjustments to the flowers until it was perfect. 

Then, it was the attendees’ turn to try. We moved from the front room of the Bowen into the side room, where large buckets of different shades and sizes of greenery stood next to brightly colored roses and an assortment of small vases. Women talked and laughed with one another as they selected their favorite vase and set to work picking the prettiest flowers to place in it. 

Floral arrangements began to take shape all across the room as the women cut perfectly sized pieces of greenery and trimmed the stems of the roses and other flowers to the right height. The flowers in the buckets disappeared as more and more bouquets were created and each woman finished her bouquet. 

The “Brunch and Bouquets” event lasted just over two hours, and attendees smiled and waved goodbye to each other as they left the Bowen with beautiful, personalized handmade bouquets to take home with them.