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Bowen Center for the Arts prepares for new director
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The Bowen Center for the Arts has selected its new director, Marcia Chelf, who assumed the  position July 21.


“I am looking forward to working with everyone here and making the art center even better than it was before,” said Chelf.


Chelf cites her experience as a designer, creating visual artwork and displays for over 20 years in downtown Atlanta, as her main qualification for the job. 


“This is right up my alley,” said Chelf. 


But more than that, Chelf views her position as director for the center as a way to become more involved with her new community.


“This gives me a chance to give back to the community with something that interests me a great deal,” explained Chelf. “I want to grow the center so the whole community will enjoy it,” she added.


Chelf and her husband, Wayne, who is the principal of Dawson County High School, moved to Dawson County just one year ago.


Out of 30 applicants, the Dawson County Arts Council is confident that Chelf was the right choice for the job.


“This is one of the most exciting days I’ve had all year. We are just so glad to welcome her and so privileged to have her expertise and ideas,” said Mary Bob Fox, chairwoman of the Dawson County Arts Council.


“Marcia’s qualifications matched what we were looking for. But the factor that clinched it all was that she lived in Dawson County and was ready to become involved in this community. The board decided that it was essential for our new director to live in this community,” explained Fox.


The center’s former director, Ginger Quinn, left in May. The center has since run on a volunteer-based system, with board members and other community members rotating shifts at the center.


“It may have taken a while, but we wanted to make sure we found the right person,” said Judy Baer, board member of the Dawson County Arts Council.


With a new director, The Bowen Center for the Arts can continue to work toward becoming an even better cultural and educational outlet for the arts.


“We want to be a place where the community can come and visit any day and just enjoy the artwork that is in the center,” said Chelf.