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Local woman turns time at home with painful disease into art
Vickie Croft paints 700 bricks to build decorative wall
Dawsonville woman Vickie Croft has turned her time in the house battling Lyme disease into art by making everything from canvases to bricks into her own handmade masterpieces. - photo by Erica Jones
About six years ago, Dawsonville woman Vickie Croft was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She has been artistic and loved making crafts her whole life, but when she suddenly had so much more time at home because of the painful disease she began creating art out of anything she could find, from rocks to soda cans to canvases. Since then, Croft has painted thousands of rocks to disperse in the community for people to find, and has just completed her most recent project: a brightly colored decorative wall in front of her house made out of hand-painted bricks.