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Folk musician puts on a fun-filled show for kids at Dawson Library
Jennifer Daniels performs for children at the Dawson County Public Library on Wednesday, July 13. - photo by Rio White

As part of the ongoing summer children’s programs hosted by the Chestatee Regional Library System, Chattanooga-based folk artist Jennifer Daniels performed at the Dawson County Public Library on Wednesday, July 13.

Daniels has been a singer and songwriter for over 20 years but has more recently focused her work on children’s music.

At the library event, she put together an interactive set that incorporated both music and visual cues to help the kids in attendance express themselves.

One of her songs titled “It’s Gonna be a Good Day” also had a short, animated video and picture book to go along with it to help the audience visualize and sing along easily.

For Daniels, the reward is seeing the learning process occur with the kids in real time.

“I love how they are willing to put themselves out there,” Daniels said. “They’ll just stand right up and dance and ask great questions.”

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Daniels has a long history in music but has more recently focused on children. The picture book on the right is based on her song “It’s Gonna be a Good Day”. - photo by Rio White

During her set, she would ask a variety of open-ended questions to the audience to continue the interaction, such as if any of them had pets or recognized notes she played on her guitar.

Those questions would lead to more learning, as Daniels would use her vocal skills to sing songs with an animal’s voice and challenge the audience to recognize the tune.

She also performed a song from the picture-book series ‘Pete the Cat’, written by her friend Eric Litwin. 

Her natural ability to educate and entertain also comes from her experience teaching music. 

Along with her husband and musical partner Jeff, who set up the sound for her library performance, Daniels teaches children’s music workshops that help foster music reading, songwriting and self-expression.

Her music can be found free to stream on multiple platforms, including Spotify.