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Bowen Center for the Arts opens model aircraft exhibition
bowen planes 1
From Jan. 14 until Feb. 19, the Bowen Center for the Arts will be displaying a variety of model aircraft courtesy of the North Georgia Model Aviators. - photo by Erica Jones

If you walk into the Bowen Center for the Arts during the next month, the space may look a little different from normal. Dozens of realistic, radio-controlled model airplanes hang from the art center’s rafters, cover its walls and sit on tables throughout the center, thanks to a new art exhibit made possible by the North Georgia Model Aviators. 

bowen planes 2
The exhibit will include a display of dozens of model aircraft in different sizes and for a varying array of skill levels, as well as information on each one and facts on how to build and fly them. - photo by Erica Jones

The Bowen will host the model aircraft exhibit beginning on Jan. 14 and lasting through Feb. 19. The show will display 30 model aircraft built and flown by members of the North Georgia Model Aviators club. 

But according to Ginny Greenwood, director of the Bowen, the exhibit will include much more than just looking at the model airplanes. 

“Learning presentations will be scheduled during this exhibit to highlight the art of building and flying as well as resources for this hobby,” Greenwood said in a press release. “Also, informal chats from notable test pilots and Vietnam veteran pilots will be on hand to tell their historical tales and adventures.” 

Bob Marks, a member of the North Georgia Model Aviators, said that he and the rest of the club's members are excited to share their love of model aviation through the exhibit. 

“Hopefully we can pick up some members; we had a crowd of our guys out here yesterday hanging all this stuff and we’ll be coming out to talk to people and share our hobby with them,” Marks said. 

According to Marks, there will also be a simulator at the exhibit that will allow attendees to try “flying” the planes themselves on a television screen. 

bowen planes 3
Members of the North Georgia Model Aviators will be at the exhibit to answer questions about the model aircraft and talk to those interested in taking up the hobby. - photo by Erica Jones

“They can practice on how to use the transmitter control and fly the airplanes and we can answer a lot of their questions,” Marks said. “I would encourage a lot of youth to get involved in a hobby of some type and the model airplane hobby is an excellent one; I’ve been in it since 1951 and it’s been a very good hobby for me.” 

The aircraft on display will range from beginner-level planes to advanced, so those interested in picking up the hobby themselves will be able to see examples of all levels. 

The exhibit will open at the Bowen on Jan. 14 and run Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The wide-open exhibit will allow for social distancing within the building, and attendees will be asked to wear face masks and to adhere to state safety guidelines. There will also be photos of the exhibit on the Bowen’s website and Facebook page for those who wish to view it virtually. 

For more information on the show, visit, or contact Ginny Greenwood by phone at (706) 216-2787 or email at