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Here’s how you can help Mayor Mike Eason’s dog beat out the Dahlonega mayor’s dog for the title of cutest pet
Dog contest 1
Dawsonville Mayor Mike Eason’s dog Ella is competing against Dahlonega’s mayoral pet for the title of “Cutest Dog”. Photo submitted to DCN.

In a friendly city vs. city competition, Dawsonville and Dahlonega are competing from now through Nov. 28 to decide which mayor has the cuter dog. 

In a contest put on by the Rotary Club of Dahlonega Sunrise, community members can vote to help their favorite dog win the title, a cash prize and a spot in Dahlonega’s annual Christmas parade. 

Representing Dawsonville in the contest is Mayor Eason’s black lab, Ella, who is a rescue dog. 

Dog 2
Photos submitted to DCN.

She was hit by a car when she was just a puppy and had several surgeries that have left her with a smile that sets her apart from the competition. According to a press release by the Rotary Club of Dahlonega Sunrise, she is a 92-pound lap dog who loves to cuddle and have books read to her. 

“Ella is tough, smart and extremely friendly just like Dawsonville,” Dawsonville businessman and contest committee member David Robertson said in the release. 

Representing Dahlonega in the contest is Mayor JoAnne Taylor’s fluffy, petite cream-colored Wylly, who is also a rescue and was abandoned on the streets by previous owners. 

Dog contest 3
Dahlonega Mayor JoAnne Taylor’s dog Wylly is competing against Dawsonville’s mayoral pet for the title of “Cutest Dog”. Photos submitted to DCN.

According to the release, though she was wounded by fights and seriously undernourished when she came to Mayor Taylor, Wylly has thrived since her adoption. 

“Just like Dahlonega, Wylly is strong, mighty and definitely much beloved,” Dahlonega businessman and contest committee member Bruce Varner said in the release. 

Should Mayor Eason’s Ella win the contest, Taylor will present Eason with a bottle of crafted Dahlonega wine. If Mayor Taylor’s Wylly wins, Eason will present Taylor with a bottle of prized Dawsonville moonshine. The mayoral competition has been intense so far, the release added, with the vote tally going up and down between the two dogs. 

Ella and Wylly are two of dozens of animals entered in the Dahlonega Sunrise Rotary’s Pet Photo contest. Competition categories in the contest include Cutest Dog, Cutest Cat, Best Creature Great & Small (other living animals) and Angel Pet (departed pets). 

Anyone over 18 years old can enter their pet at The entry fee is $5 which includes five votes. Votes are $1 each, sold in $5 increments. 

At the end of the contest on Nov. 28, the pets with the most votes in each category will win cash prizes and a spot in Dahlonega’s annual Christmas parade. 

The cutest pet with the most votes overall wins $400 as well as a starring role in the parade,” Dahlonega Sunrise Rotary President Henry Davis said in the release. “Our goal is to raise $10,000 online with the money going back to our city and county through donations by our 501(c)(3) foundation.” 

“Ella and Wylly are both mighty cute,” he added. “Here’s hoping the voters tell us which one is cuter.” 

To vote for Mayor Eason’s dog Ella or any other animal in the contest, go to, click on “Participate” and then click on “View Entries/Vote”.