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Tumlin promises “zero strings attached” representation of District 9
14 Zack Tumlin - Candidate for 9th House District.jpg
Zack Tumlin

Candidate for 9th House District

Name: Zack Tumlin

Age: 37

How Long have you lived in the district: Eight years, but grew up 10 miles away.  

Occupation: Attorney and entrepreneur 

Education: A.A, B.S., M.Ed., J.D. LL.M. 

Political Experience: Congressional internship with Nathan Deal, Governmental Affairs Chairman, Dahlonega Lumpkin County Chamber of Commerce. No prior elected service. 

Career experience: Real estate management, insurance, attorney.

Community involvement: Leadership Dawson graduate, Leadership Lumpkin graduate, Zell Miller Institute graduate, Dahlonega Sunrise Rotary, South Enotah Child Advocacy Center, Northeast Georgia Medical Center Foundation Board, “Volunteer of the Year:” Dahlonega Lumpkin County Chamber.

Why are you running for the 9th House District seat? Defending Republican conservatism against the radical left is more important now than ever. Watching Zell Miller’s 2004 keynote Republican Convention speech was impactful, and I’ve felt called ever since to speak up in a major way for the communities I love.

What makes you the best candidate for this position? My energy is unmatched. If the state Republicans lose their majority, the ability to get on absolute fire for our values will be important for carrying the conservative torch in spirited floor debates instead of backroom deals that cannot be trusted nor relied upon. I have zero strings attached and do not owe anyone anything politically. I have not taken a single dime from any interest group, as my campaign is proudly funded by friends, family, neighbors and former UNG/UGA classmates who have heard me talk about the statehouse ever since my congressional internship.

What is your promise to Dawson County constituents? I will be available and will reach meaningful decisions rooted in truth that is fair to all concerned. 

What are the top three issues you believe the state is currently facing, and what are your views on addressing each? Epidemiology is now the biggest concern. While we salvage the local economy, we need to take a hard look at how to avoid significant economic injury if we are ever blindsided again by a pandemic like COVID19. 

Finding the lowest tax rates possible while providing necessary services is paramount to conservative society. Innovative tax incentives and alternative revenue bills allowing the private sector to perform public functions, such as foster care initiatives; sustainable accountability court programming; and judicial reform allowing county courts to perform more tasks to collect more local revenue.

Defending against creeping socialism and the radical leftist agenda of No Guns, No God and crazy taxes is critical. Eighty percent of what goes on in the statehouse is defending against ill-advised nonsense tacked onto meaningful bills. Fire breathing, back-boned conservatives are therefore critically important for the ranks of the Republican defense regiment and I am 100% ready.