Missing person alert issued for this Forsyth County man
BOLO: This motorcyclist hasn't been seen since he was on his way back to Forsyth County on Saturday.
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Tolin promises transparent leadership in District 9
13 Tyler Tolin - Candidate for 9th House District.jpg
Tyler Tolin

Candidate for 9th House District

Name: Tyler Tolin 

Age: 41

How Long have you lived in the district: Two years

Occupation: Retired Military.

Education: In the final year of a BS in Criminal Justice 

Political Experience and Career Experience: I have taken part in several initial processes of establishing a democratic process in areas of the world that were being denied democracy previously. From security to meeting with leadership. This also included canvassing neighborhoods and speaking directly with the local population on their top concerns.

Community involvement: I am currently awaiting to begin at the Pickens County Law Enforcement Training Center. There I will volunteer my time using my previous experience to train and educate our wonderful law enforcement officers. More important yet, sharing my depth of knowledge on protecting those we love with our teachers and instructors of our educational system.

Why are you running for the 9th House District seat? I have unique experiences around the world with many different ideologies, that give me a rare insight into people and their needs. The experience I have dealing with governments abroad, as well as my time in Washington DC, has opened my eyes to issues within our own district that I feel I am uniquely qualified to help mitigate. As they say, a politician’s number one priority, is to keep his or her job. I have seen local, state and national politicians show true colors by wavering in their beliefs and morals with complete disregard of their constituent’s wishes. We can no longer allow special interests, large corporations, big money, or typical politicians to have a monopoly on our political system.

What is your promise to Dawson County constituents? It is my promise to be transparent, a listener, a fighter for, and believer in the great citizens of these counties. I will invite public input every day that I am gifted the privilege of serving you. I will treat every one of them as my own family, just as I did while I was traveling the globe fighting terrorism and inhumane practices.

What are the top three issues you believe the state is currently facing, and what are your views on addressing each? I will fight for the God-given rights that every man, woman, and child have. The rights our forefathers ensured protection from tyrannical governments by creating the

constitution of the United States of America. Given the current situation, healthcare and taxes are going to be major items of discussion. We will need to think outside of the standard boxes that career politicians have used for the past 100 years. The typical approach to legislating is becoming outdated. As we see all across the nation, the cookie-cutter resumes for running for the legislative branch are changing. Most people are not attorneys. Most people are not what we see in DC. By instituting the values of leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage going forward with complete transparency, the major items of concern of this district’s constituents will have my complete attention. We can work together. We must work together moving forward.