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Leibel running to protect citizens constitutional rights
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Steven Leibel

Candidate for 9th House District

Name: Steven Leibel

Age:  63

How long have you lived in the district:  21 years

Occupation: Attorney and business owner

Education: Emory Law School, North Central Georgia Police Academy

Political Experience: None

Career experience: Lawyer, judge, police officer, federal agent, banker

Community involvement: Member Joint Development Authority for Lumpkin Dawson and White Counties, graduate Leadership Lumpkin, former member of the Board of Directors for Legacy Link, former chair Lumpkin County Hospital Authority, founder of First Citizens Bank of Georgia, personal Attorney for Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacey Jarrard, Attorney for Ron Freeman-Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, former attorney for past Dawson County Sheriff Billy Carlisle, attorney for former Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan.

Why are you running for the 9th House District seat? To help our District get better jobs, to bring about new ideas and perspectives. To preserve our family values while protecting our Constitutional rights.

What makes you the best candidate for this position?  My broad-based experience in law, business, and medical issues give me the ability to provide strong leadership to our District.

What is your promise to Dawson County constituents? I will listen to your concerns and will staff a full-time office to provide day to day help to my constituents.

What are the top three issues you believe the state is currently facing, and what are your views on addressing each? Lack of Law Enforcement Personnel. Adequately funding local Sheriff’s Offices and first responders through state grants; Lack of Affordable Health Insurance. Open up a state marketplace for more affordable health insurance and greater choices along with new ways to provide care; and Second Amendment Rights. Create tax credits for gun owners who take safety classes to teach them their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution.