UPDATE: Here’s when you can expect to get your bloomin’ onion fix at Dawson County’s first Outback Steakhouse
The Australian-themed restaurant will soon open its first location in Dawson County.
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Letter to the Editor: The “No Declared War” War
It is sad to see the Congressional Democratic Lefties’ commentaries about the recent drone strike in Iraq. “Murder” and “Assassination” they all scream. “Impeach, Impeach.” Blah, Blah, Blah. Do not get me wrong on this subject. I think we have no business with troops or even diplomats in Iraq, Iran, Syria, or Afghanistan. We will never change the nature of those people motivated by their intense religious ideas. The best we should hope for is to get out and leave them alone. If they harm us we should respond disproportionally and wreak their infrastructure, kill their leaders, and leave piles of rubble until they stop messing with the U.S.A.