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Letter to the Editor: In Response to “White Supremacy”

There are aspects to President Trump that I do not like. He is too quick to take offense to slights, he tweets without thinking about the consequences, he does not turn the other cheek.   But character flaws aside, he is trying to fix the important problems of illegal immigration, unfair trade, over regulation, a corrupt federal bureaucratic system and a federal court system dominated by activist judges.

 I voted for him and I will again.  And I will send him money so that he may continue.

The letter to the editor cleverly accuses President Trump of direct responsibility for all the mass shootings in the U.S.A., the cause of racism in our society, and “targeting” women of color.  According to her, President Trump is responsible for the white supremacy movement of the country.

That letter is a perfect example of the thought processes of a left wing communist.  I do not mean the Communist Party of Stalin during the 1940s or Mao in China. I mean the Marxists of the intellectual movement of western Europe.  These people were the leading “thinkers” of the day.  They made possible mad men like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

These left wingers believe in the perfectibility of all humans. They believe Christianity is a root cause of evil.  They believe that all the norms of life are made to be broken.   They want to take from those that have and give to those they think deserve it.  They want power over the rest of us so they can bring the new Age of Aquarius to dawn.   They should never to be trusted.

These are dangerous people because they are untethered by any moral absolutes.  Their ideas matter more to them than flesh and bone and they will experiment with radical changes and shrug when their created disasters bear their ill fruit.  

Today in the U.S.A., the intellectual communists dominate in the national media, they hold all the important positions in higher education, they are the dominate force in the federal judiciary, and they run the big federal systems.

President Trump is not one of them. For that reason and that reason alone, they will say and do anything to remove him. Some of them live among us and write to the public.

Gary Pichon

Marble Hill