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Letter to the Editor: Yes Tucker and Laura, White Supremacy exists

Two Fox News commentators, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have decided it is up to them and to their news channel to set the record straight.  According to them, there is no problem with “white supremacy” in this country—it is all fake and made up by Democrats and the other fake media.

Several weeks ago there were two mass shootings one in El Paso, TX and one Dayton, OH.  The week before there were shootings in Gilroy, CA and Brooklyn, NY.  In total, in America there have been 255 mass shootings just this year.   Not all of them were directly related to White Supremacy, but many were, including El Paso and Gilroy and earlier in the year at a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburg, PA.   Several years ago 9 people were killed by a White Nationalist in a Charleston African American Church.  There are many more examples.

But it isn’t necessarily just mass shootings that are indications of white supremacy.  Since Donald Trump has taken office, incidents of violent actions against people of color and of different religions has been on the uptick.  Even though a very small percentage of Americans believe in this ideology, those that do now have more impact because they have a President who supports them.

So why is this happening now, and what are the racist killers trying to accomplish?

The answers to these questions are complicated. But at the center of the story is, as it has been historically, a sense among these people that white control over America is slipping.  That fear is what Donald Trump has based his campaign and his whole Presidency on.  He began the rhetoric on the first day of his campaign when he targeted Hispanics by calling them rapists and murderers. In his 1st month as President he ordered the Muslim ban.  Then he asked in a cabinet meeting why do we need people from these “s …hole places” (Africa and Haiti); we should only accept people from Norway and Sweden (all white).  Recently he has called people coming to the border “invaders”. He calls the cities people of color live in “rat infested” hell holes where no one would want to live. And he put a target on the back of 4 US Representatives—women of color—by telling them they should go back to their country because they dared to disagree with him.  They are all American citizens!  His followers chanted “send them home” at one of his rallies.  So Trump incited the actions of the killer in El Paso with his rhetoric. Read the killers manifesto—he used Trump’s exact words throughout.

White supremacists have used violence strategically throughout American history to fend off this demographic shift — or, in the words of the El Paso shooter and President Trump, to stop an “invasion” by nonwhites. Today, their goal is to sow terror in nonwhite communities and radicalize whites,

You can go to the Anti-defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law center for detailed documented information and facts.  At  you can even see a map of the locations of these groups.

So yes, Tucker and Laura, there is white supremacy in our country.  How can you say it is a hoax when you can see it happen on television and in interviews?  Just because you don’t show it on FOX doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!


Bette Holland