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Letter to the Editor: Why Democrats such pessimists
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By Gary Pichon of Dawson County 

The President gave a very positive State of the Union speech and the Democrats sat there, stone-faced with the females in old KKK class colors but no hoods. Ms Nancy got so upset that she sure showed Trump by tearing up the speech hard copy in a Hissy Fit. No, make that a Nancy Fit.  

If she was male she would have been arrested on charges of threat making, with every cop pondering what is the “alternative” she was thinking about. After all, she was behind him like Mr.Booth. The whole thing was more entertaining than most of the movies I see.

I read the recent letter to the editor in our local paper and it confirms that committed Democrats spend most of the time-sucking on an alum stick, or they have on a hair shirt, or at least a good size stone in their shoe. Makes them mean. 

It reminded me of the story about the little boy that wanted a pony for Christmas but his parents could not afford one.  His daddy told him to take the pony off the Santa list but the boy was consumed by his burning desire for that pony.  Christmas morning his parents went looking for him out in the barn and they found him was digging through a pile of manure saying again and again “There must be a pony down here somewhere.”  Now that boy was a positive thinker.

In his speech, President Trump went through all the really good numbers of the economic boom we are in.  He fluffed it up a little like all past presidents and politicians. But employment is at an all-time record. Things are rolling along.  If you think they are not, just remember the Carter years.  My shoes had holes and my old ragged out VW could hardly pull up a hill.  This is a lot better. 

In spite of all this good news and it is good news for rich and poor alike, Nancy and the Democrats are just like that little boy but they are standing on a mountain of good news and swearing real swear words and saying   “There must be some manure here somewhere. “ 

You don’t have to say manure but this is a family-friendly paper.