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Letter to the Editor: Why an AR15

Somebody asked me the other day, “Why in the world do you have an AR15?” For those of you who have been off visiting Jupiter the past few weeks and missed the news, the AR15 style black rifle is now the source of all evil in the USA and is the root cause of all violent deaths. Most folks think AR stands for Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle. Even Chipper Jones, the world famous expert on weaponry, is being consulted about this gun. 

The AR15 style, which is one of the most widely made rifles in the USA, is neither an assault weapon nor an automatic weapon. It is not a machine gun. 

Assault weapons are by definition full automatic weapons and their firepower is limited by the weight of the ammo a man can carry. The military M16 is sort of a light weight machine gun but when the going gets tough, the SAW, which is belt fed, is the choice if you have the leg strength to carry hundreds of pounds of ammo.

I think the reason that the AR15 style has been successful among civilian shooters is that it has very low recoil. The gun has a shock absorber in the stock and the required position of that shock means that it has a handle like a machine gun because that is the only place left for a trigger. The AR15 style now is made in all kinds of calibers and is used for hunting big and small game of all kinds. It works well and it is now cheaper than traditional looking wooden stock guns.

It is a great design for target shooting.

So when she asked me why I had an AR15 I said that I hunted with it. The other reason was I didn’t want to end up like James Fannin, for whom Fannin County was named. I told her the story of James Fannin, who surrendered his weapons and the weapons of his 350 men. They were all then executed without trial and thrown on a pile and burned. Look it up.

The AR15 is not a military weapon. It is not a full automatic gun. There are dozens of other designs that work just like the AR15 and nobody even thinks to mention those. Even Chipper the new expert.

And then there is the problem of the Second Amendment. If you want to disarm the American people you need to do that by the rule of law and that means a legal change of that amendment or the seating of tyrannical judges who will make law as they see fit unanchored in the written word.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill