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Letter to the Editor: While the impeachment goes on, Trump destroys environment and the economy

Last week Trump tweeted and then said to reporters outside the White House, and then had his press secretary write in his White House letter, “See what I said, I want nothing from the President of Ukraine”.  One thing he left out—he said that on Sept. 9, after the news had already broken about his infamous phone call in which he said he would help Ukraine, if they would “do us a favor."  That is called bribery, or in another way, quid pro quo.  

The impeachment hearings are moving along and each witness is addressing the fact that the phone call took place and Trump asked Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s for “a favor” and that is impeachable.  The White House newsletter also said that no one is watching the impeachment inquiry—specifically, 320 million Americans aren’t watching.  Sorry, but I am sure all the infants, toddlers, and school children aren’t watching.  And the millions who go to work every day can’t afford to miss a day of work—but they are watching and listening to the REAL news—not the lies being told on FOX.

While the impeachment captures the news, Trump and his administration is rapidly doing everything they can to destroy our environment.  I mentioned last week the move by the EPA to open up the Tongass National Forest the largest intact temperate rainforest in North America, to logging.   Then just this week Trump overturned the regulation that does not allow plastic bottles in our National Parks.  Then ordered the National Park Service to remove the bikes in the bike sharing site outside of the Whitehouse.  Trump will do any petty thing he can think of to try to punish Democrats for running this impeachment hearing.  His Georgia front man, David Perdue, sent a newsletter out last week after the debates that the “socialist” agenda of the Democrats won’t work.  He uses that term 13 times in his statement.  Democrats are not socialist but they do believe that every American deserves a chance to do well in our economy.  Perdue doesn’t mention Amazon and FedX, companies who have made BILLIONS of dollars in 2018 and didn’t pay one cent in Federal Income Tax while our debt and deficit are exploding.  Why?? Because Perdue and Trumps failed tax scam allows them not to pay taxes!

Remember, your vote is important.  Research and think before you vote!  Here is a great site you can use to research all the damage Trump is trying to do to our environment!

Bette Holland