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Letter to the Editor: Voters Remorse

I want my vote back.  Let’s have a “do over” on the governor’s race.  What was he thinking if he was thinking at all?

I have read opinions on line that the governor has picked a solid conservative to fill the just opened Senate seat.  His pick is supposed to appeal to the females of the new cosmopolitan Georgia.

I was up at Billie’s Kitchen the other morning to get a good southern breakfast of bacon and eggs and got to listen to the talk around the veterans' table.  The comments were not supportive of Governor Kemp.

“Kemp just sold our senate seat to an Atlanta Buckhead rich woman who married her way up the corporate ladder and is a Yankee to boot and he stuck his finger in Trump’s eye after Trump helped get him elected.”  That  is sort of the gist of the comments.  Ouch.

The lady he picked is from Illinois.  She is from the Champaign area.  That is where my daddy went to college on the GI Bill and that is where I was born.  Both my parents were Yankees and I loved them dearly in spite of that.  By birth I am a Yankee, but I have lived long enough in the South that my ways are now southern.  I do not take exception to the new senator’s Yankeeness being one myself.

I take exception to the notion that wealth is the right qualification. Surely there are others that could fill that seat that have had just a little bit of governmental experience other than writing donation checks.  Surely there are good solid conservatives that have worked hard for the right to be considered.

What was he thinking?


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill