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Letter to the Editor: To my betters

To My Betters:

This is an irrational rant.  People rant on every day and I have to listen . There was a rant in the paper last week that blamed Trump for every evil existing today. In my rant there are none of the expected expletives so you can read it at the dinner table with your kids. Skip it if you have read enough of these.  After all, it is Christmas which should be a time for joy and hope.

To all my betters and by that I mean all you all that have fancy titles before your name. Those of you who attended the best elite up eastern schools. Those of you who hold high political office. Those of you who took us into futile wars and lost. Those of you who are heads of departments in major universities. Those of you who are editors of the big city newspapers and TV feeds. Those of you in the entertainment cess pool. Those of you who call yourself Democrats and see only virtue in yourselves and total evil in all others.

You need a good dose of humility.  For 50 years you have messed up and messed over the people of the U.S.A.  You exported our industrial heartland. You have created a fiction about the nature of humans that has brought us near the age of ruin because you insist that all evil can be eliminated by a loving attitude.   In the space of a few years you have created a toxic brew of political correctness that runs counter to the accumulated wisdom of the ages. 

What you cannot seem to achieve at the ballot box you try and achieve in the relativistic federal courts.  You will use every means to over throw the will of the normal people who you hold in such distain. 

The economy booms.  People have jobs that want them. We have an abundant supply of energy and all you can say is “the sky is falling.” 

We should remove you from power and drive you into isolation because you present a clear and present danger to the rest of normal humanity.  You have been wrong about everything.  And you want the rest of us to join you.  Go away.  Go far away.

Well, now I feel better. 


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill