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Letter to the Editor: Let your voice be known on Etowah Village Project

 Well once again the Etowah Village project has surfaced.  I was surprised that the planning board approved this project.  The budget here is fictional and way under what will be needed.

 It was stated that the majority of funding is not there for this project.

So this is speculative planning and development.  The gentleman behind this new push by the realtors stood there and stated the monies are not all there but there is some interest and no guarantees have been obtained by potential tenants.

When questioned on the actual plans for housing there was a lot of confusion on rooftops per acre and apartment homes verses single dwellings.  Then the adult/assisted living option was passed over very quickly let alone green space that looked a lot like a large grass field on the plans that could be seen.

I heard a lot of talk about roads and concerns about having a ten story building that we have no firefighting capacity for.

 So where are the dollars coming from in this budget not including other infrastructure issues?  We cannot even provide decent salaries for our existing firefighters let alone purchase more equipment and maintain it along with training needed to use it!  Where is there another 10 story building north of Alpharetta within the 400 corridor?

There is no mention of what impact this will have on our current environmental resources like water since this will be up stream of our current water supply taken out of the Etowah.  Also the displacement of water from so much concrete, asphalt and chemicals to maintain the proposed programed landscaping.

I am not trying to say don’t develop this area but please try to do so with a vision for the future that does not endanger our environment or future taxpayers.

This is still a poor county and another concern is the burden this will put on future generations.

Our Commissioners have instigated a land use program that has the potential to destroy the beauty of this, currently, rural county. This project only highlights the future endangerment of our county.

There has recently been a push from our youth to do something about global warming.  Well it starts here in our county and in our backyards.

 Look around at what we have and what is being threatened right here and right now.

Please stand up and let your voices be heard by your elected officials.


Sara Reed