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Letter to the Editor: How was your 4th?

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July—the day when we are supposed to be celebrating our wonderful country, founders, and the soldiers who protect us.  But something very different happened on this 4th of July.  On July 4, 2019 our country took a step toward closer to totalitarianism and fascism.  President Trump invited us in his weekly e-mail to join him for “Trump’s 4th of July Celebration.” Not America’s celebration where families of all political leanings come together to enjoy each other, our patriotic music, and fireworks.  Instead it was “Trump’s 4th of July” with tanks and armored vehicles, fighter jets flying over, big donors with free tickets, and a political speech by our inept President.  And all on the tax payers dollar.

Why is he an inept President?  Just take a look at the things he did and said just in the past 2 weeks:

·         Last week said he believed the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia when the prince told Trump he hadn’t ordered the killing of an American journalist, even though our own CIA said he did!

·         He smiled and made light of a comment to Vladimir Putin about meddling in our elections again.

·         He cozied up to Kim Jon Un, a radical dictator who finds pleasure in killing his adversaries, putting his citizens in work camps, and in developing nuclear weapons.

·         News and photos of the inhuman treatment of migrant families seeking asylum in the US continue to flow in.  Trump is holding families in horrid conditions on the border.  Children sleep on floors, have very little food, and have been told to drink out of the toilets if they need water!  Concentration camps in America condoned by Trump!

·         He is making irrational statements at press conferences.  When asked about Joe Biden’s stand in the 70’s on bussing for integration, he went on and on about how important it is to use buses to get kids to school.

·         When asked about the decline of Western Liberalism (the political ideology begun in the 1700’s which led to the founding of many great Democracies, including ours) he said that the crazy Democrats in California are losing steam?!

·         Promoting nepotism at the G20 Conference—having his unqualified daughter attend meetings, make comments at the G20, and have her picture taken with 20 world leaders.  Again, tax payers paid for this unqualified woman to attend this meeting.

·         He reached the milestone of telling over 10,000 lies since he took office. 

·         Last Tuesday he said his administration going to put the question about citizenship on the census questionnaire, even though the Supreme Court of the United States said it would be unconstitutional!

Our U.S. Congress needs to step up and stop this tyrant instead of looking the other way. But some Congressman say conservatives are getting the conservative things they want passed and they don’t care about “the other stuff”. 

What is more important—our democracy or lower taxes for the wealthy?

Bette Holland