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Letter to the Editor: Etowah Village will damage our environment
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I was truly surprised by a letter to the editor from a lady with the North Georgia Conservation Coalition regarding the development of the Etowah Village Project.  I was not sure who or what this Coalition is so I looked them up and they are comprised of folks from Big Canoe.  Their Facebook page touts saving whales, earth day and other politically correct environmental concerns.  So I was amazed that this organization would support such destruction of environment in their backyards.

It seems folks can support environmental issues somewhere else but are slow to rally around their own backyards.  I have seen the plans for this development, even had a chance to ask some questions of the developer and am appalled at the answers I was given.  It is clear from other projects this construction company has done that it is a slash and burn developer.  This is what is planned not only for the 400 corridor but coming over the hills into the Etowah Valley, down to the Etowah River and across to Etowah River Road via a proposed bridge.

There are no plans to make this something like what Big Canoe enjoys – a sanctuary for wildlife and building within the existing environment.  It is pre-planned wholesale destruction of what is there and a replanting of grasses and non-indigenous trees in and amongst cluster homes and high end retail. So again I am surprised by this attitude.

The retail/apartment planning will bring pollution of every sort to the eastern side of our county. Not only will we lose more night sky but noise, light and smells will replace those of nature and become manmade.  As to having walking access to amenties?  The majority of people do not walk blocks to their destinations but will get in a car to go a block.  So I think this is a great fantasy.

In the future, if this succeeds in going through, there will be no sitting on your porch or in your yard to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of what nature has wrought either day or night.

We can all go back and forth on this but if this was a planned community like Big Canoe, I would applaud it.  At present it will bring destruction to our existing environment, our lifestyles and our values.