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Letter to the Editor: Draft but Not Beer

The latest flap in the national news is about President Trump pulling some small number of troops out of Syria without getting permission or even consulting with others.  He just did it and the Generals and others feel left out of what they see is a very important decision.

I am glad he did it.  We have no business in staying on the ground in an exposed pocket    with a few companies of infantry trapped between Iraq and Turkey.  They were at risk.

 We cannot enforce peace around the world nor should we try.  The President has again done what we promised to do when “deplorables” like me put this wild man in office. 

(In an unrelated aside, President Trump reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis.  Everything was ad hoc and spontaneous. It must be red hair. )

Back to the business of a draft. We have an effective military with professional soldiers and I think about them every day as we send them into very hostile environments and expose them to death and maiming.  I am also certain that we will come to regret this standing professional army.

I think we need a lot more regular people in our military and not just career soldiers.  That will make us a lot more careful about putting lives at risk all over the globe.  I served in the Army and there is nothing like having draftees in the ranks to help temper the martial dreams of commanders.  Lots of parents of citizen soldiers will keep public focus of the use of bone and blood to carry a fight to the other side of the world. 

We have stirred around in the Middle East and made the whole area worse for the people that live there.  We should leave.  If these foreign lands are used to stage terrorists, we do not need infantry to respond.  All we need do is destroy their leaders and their palaces.  No riflemen required.

And we need the draft back so a lot more young people will be exposed to duty, honor, and country.  If freedom is always free, it will come to have no value until it is too late.

Gary Pichon

Marble Hill