UPDATE: Ex-Forsyth County firefighter asks for a new trial in Dawson County child abuse case
The man’s motion for a new trial follows his May 2023 trial and conviction on child abuse-related charges.
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Letter to the Editor: Come to the Global Climate Strike in Dawsonville

Some of you may have read the letter to the editor I wrote a few weeks ago about my concerns about Climate Change.  But I am not the only one who is concerned.  On March 15, 2019, over 1.4 million young people went on strike from school all around the world.  They were striking because they wanted their teachers, parents, and employers to realize how serious they are about this issue.  As more and more climate disasters happen it has to become clearer to everyone, everyday, that the climate is changing.  And 99% of scientists say it is because of the blanket of CO2 that is covering our planet and disrupting our climate.  And young people will be the one’s most affected by these changes.

So we are going on strike again.  During the week of September 20 to 27 there will be strikes all over the world.  Over 1,800 cities have planned strikes to address the lack of action taken by the adults who are supposed to be our leaders.  So join us at noon on Sept. 20 in front of the Dawsonville City Hall.  We will have information for you about what we can do to combat the effects of climate change.  We now only have a window of 10 years during which we must make drastic changes in how much we use fossil fuels.  If we don’t act, our future is very scary.

Please show you care—be there with us on the 20th!! (If you want more information about the strike go to

Roxie Fricton