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Lady Tigers should be proud
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All of us in Dawson County are aware of the spectacular season the DCHS Lady Tigers' basketball team has had this year.

In following them from the beginning of the year, this former Tigerette (1972-74) and Lady Tiger (1975-76) knows this kind of winning season only comes along once in a blue moon.

In speaking from the many hours of practice each player, coach, manager, trainer, parent and fan has spent to assist with the making of this near perfect season, it makes me so very proud of this team's accomplishment.

If you have ever played a team sport, you understand the amount of time one must give to make this kind of effort.

The feelings watching these girls play brought back memories from my playing days and are something you would have to personally experience to fully understand the greatness of their accomplishment.

After traveling to Augusta, and watching the final game for the seniors unravel, the game gave me a great respect for our girls, coaches, school and fans.

I have never in my life experienced a game as a fan from this perspective.

I have been to many high school, college and professional sporting events... but this game topped the cake.

Usually, fans sit together on their respective sides of the court, not at this school.

The home team sat all over the gym. There was no respected home or visitors side, nor section, nor row nor seat.

When the quarters were over, and the time outs were called, their fans would stand up and yell at our team.

This was coming from fans of all ages.

I was so stunned at this behavior, at what I was seeing and hearing, that I could not believe my eyes and ears.

I was uplifted to observe that the Lady Tigers and their fans showed dignity and did not allow this taunting behavior to outwardly bother them.

Our alma mater states, "'ere be true and loyal lovers of the red and gold."

These Lady Tigers truly presented themselves as a class act as they represented Dawson County.

They created a remarkable season this year that will go down in the history books as one of the finest ever.

Go Lady Tigers!

From a former DCHS Lady Tiger,

Tracey Burnette

Dawson County