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Dr. Anderson: What I’m hearing now
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine 

For the Dawson County News 

Here’s what I’m hearing now — “I do not need to get the second dose because I got antibodies from the first dose. 

True that you get antibodies, but there’s not enough of a response to help ensure protection. Think the shingles vaccine: you take the second dose and there is no balking. Rebook your appointment. 

The other response I hear is that you get a bad reaction to the second dose and you are going to be sick for one or two days. There is no formula for either Pfizer or Moderna concerning who will react and what the reaction will be. I had two doses of Pfizer and my wife had two doses of Moderna and we did not have any reactions. Also, everybody may have a slight soreness at the injection site but nothing more than what you get from any other injection. 

The important thing is to get the second dose. Stop looking for excuses, stop looking at the “science”, stop listening to other people, stop stopping. Remember about the big boy pants; they will still fit you.

I am wearing a round green button that says “COVID-19 Vaccinated”.  If you would like one to help encourage others to get the vaccine, come by my office and you may have one as long as the supplies last. Bring your vaccine card. We need to encourage everyone to get the vaccine.  We are so close to the finish line that we need not stumble.  

Do your part. Wear your mask, get the vaccine. Stay safe. 

Thanks for reading.