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Dr. Anderson: The reasons I hear for not getting the vaccine
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine 

There are many reasons that I hear for not getting the vaccine.   

I am waiting for the long-term studies to come out. Really? Did you know there are no long-term studies on the flu vaccine? We get a new one every year. Waiting for a long-term study on the COVID-19 vaccine is like waiting for the Robert E. Lee to come around the bend. You have heard that one before.

I do not know what the side effects will be. We passed the 30 million vaccine mark a long time ago and if there were any consistent side effects we would have seen them by now. Yes, you might get a sore arm or you might be one of the rare ones that are off their feet for a few days.  Getting COVID-19 is even worse. 

I do not want to take the vaccine away from someone else that needs it. Trust me, those people would have signed up by now. Unless you can give me their names and I can reach out to them then it is time for you to step up to the plate. 

Here is the short of it, no more excuses, put your big boy/big girl pants on and get the vaccine.

Why do we use a pecking order in giving the vaccine? Viruses are not dumb. They will go for the low-hanging fruit first. Those who have decreased immune systems or are weakened by a disorder such as diabetes, COPD, etc., and age seems to be a great predictor of who will be a good source for the virus to replicate and spread. Creating a greater pool of viruses to spread about. We have gone through several stages already. It is now time to bite the bullet and let anyone be vaccinated that wants to be vaccinated. 

The goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible and defeat this virus. Believe me, no one life is more precious than another. Other states have removed all restrictions on candidates for vaccinations. Let us do the same. State Rep. Will Wade, state Sen. Steve Gooch and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp are waiting to hear from you. 

Wear your mask, get your vaccine, stay safe. Thanks for reading.