Two others accused in alleged armed robbery linked to Hannah Bender murder case
Two people charged in Hannah Bender’s 2019 murder case, Isaac Huff and Bailey Williams, were recently accused of being parties to an alleged armed robbery in which Austin Todd Stryker was also implicated.
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Dr. Anderson: The nice thing about data
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The nice thing about generating data is that you will eventually get a chance to sit down and see what you can glean.  

Here is what happened when we compared COVID-19 vaccinations with hospitalizations and deaths. 99% of those hospitalized with COVID-19 did not have the vaccine or were not adequately vaccinated. 99% of those who were hospitalized with COVID-19 and died did not have the vaccine or were not adequately vaccinated. Hmmm. This means the vaccines are working. 

Lately, we have seen a significant drop in COVID cases. This is because of the vaccine, not that the virus decided to take a vacation. If the virus decides to come back then that is the bad news. The only available targets are going to be those who are not vaccinated or who do not have antibodies.  

If you are one of those who are waiting to see the long term side effects from the vaccines, waiting for FDA approval, waiting for the ante to go up or a thousand other excuses, here is what you should do: buy a shirt and paint a target on the back so COVID-19 will not have to waste time finding you. 

The rest of us have done our part. Regardless of what it takes to motivate you, get the vaccine. Make yourself safe because no one else can do it for you.  

Thanks for reading.