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Unraveling the mystery of hidden graves in Dawson County
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Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society President Carol Dooley, along with her "partner-in-crime" Pat Floyd, is dedicated to locating, documenting and cleaning gravestones that may have been previously unknown to the general public. - photo by Erica Jones
On a day in the late spring, Carol Dooley drove back and forth along Etowah River in Dawson County, looking for any signs of an old road.She knew that a driveway was once along this stretch of road, and that according to records, the house it once led to was still up on a hill somewhere in the surrounding trees. And somewhere on that property, there would be graves that she needed to find. After driving back and forth for quite awhile, Dooley finally asked for help from a nearby neighbor that pointed her towards an overgrown dirt path that would be almost invisible to those who didn’t already know it was there.