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Townhomes, mixed-use developments approved on 400 corridor
Commissioners prepare for Etowah Village rezoning hearing

The Dawson County Board of Commissioners approved two zoning applications during their Dec. 19 voting session, including a plan for a mixed-use development at the intersection of 400 and Kilough Church Road.

The two major zoning application at the meeting both dealt with a proposed mixed-use development that extends along 400 from the old Kroger shopping center to Kilough Church Road. The proposal outlined a plan which includes 240 semi-attached homes, 120 townhouses, and 200,000-sq.-ft. of retail, office, and warehouse space on 117.96 acres.

According to the application, “[t]he neighborhood will provide a much-needed opportunity for younger families, and support the workforce resonating in the Ga 400 Corridor without placing an extreme without placing an extreme burden upon our transportation infrastructure. The proximity to the existing commercial uses creates a highly desired mixed-use activity area and will provide a true live-work environment interconnected with sidewalks.”

Another major development of townhouses at the intersection of Lumpkin Campground Road and Hwy. 53 was unanimously denied its rezoning request.

Both zonings related to the mixed-use development passed 3-1, with Commissioners Chris Gaines, Tim Satterfield, and Julie Nix voting for and Commissioner Sharon Fausett voting against.