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Time to start thinking about 4-H summer camp
Camp Carnival to offer information to students, parents
GA 4-H

Georgia has one of the largest and most respected 4-H camping programs in the country.  Georgia Extension Service made it big, and made it one of the best for a very good reason: A positive experience at a summer camping program can make a crucial difference in a youngster’s life. But what many parents and students don’t realize is that there are camping programs for every student from fourth grade through 12th grade, even if they aren’t an active 4-H member.

Dawson County 4-H will host a 4-H Camp Carnival  from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Jan. 30 at the Dawson County Board of Education Program Development Building.

Camp Carnival is an informational meeting for parents and students to come learn about all of the camps offered to all students, public and home-schooled, in Dawson County.

There is no cost for the info and no obligation to register for camp. There will be some games, activities and popcorn to enjoy along with camp displays where parents and students can meet adult chaperones that run the camps.  

“When we take Dawson County 4-H’ers to camp, we make sure they get have a well-rounded experience,” said Dawson County 4-H Program Assistant Samantha Graves. “They go to camp for the fun so we make sure they have plenty of that: sports, games and dances. We also make sure they learn some new skills through classes and activities ranging from archery to swimming, healthy lifestyles to crafts, marine biology to seining and lot of things in between.”

Students are given responsibilities, like keeping their rooms tidy, making their beds, keeping trash off the ground and following a schedule for activities  The campers work together to learn personal skills that may help them get along better with friends and family. 

Going to 4-H camp can help youngsters to become more independent and increase maturity.  It can give campers a boost in self-confidence, and, most importantly, going to 4-H camp can help young people make friends.

The 4-H’ers will enjoy all that camp has to offer.  The skills may fade and the influence of the counselors will dim over time, but many of the friendships will last a lifetime. Many of those friendships will provide that little challenge, that little edge of competition your child needs to do well in school, in sports, and in life.

If you would like more information about Dawson County 4-H and any of the programs offered, please contact Chesley Davis or Samantha Graves at (706) 265-2442 or email