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Rotary event aids charities
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The Dawson County Rotary Club is hosting its inaugural Super Bowl Squares Charity Fundraiser in hopes of using local resident's passion for football to help raise money for nonprofits.

The charities that will benefit from the fundraiser include the Dawson County Rotary Scholarship, the senior center, the arts council and WEE Books.

The fundraiser begins with participants buying "Super Bowl squares" for $100 each. At the end of each quarter of the Feb. 5 Super Bowl there will be a payout to those whose numbers were selected. The more squares each participant possesses, the more likely they are to win.

The first, second and third quarter payouts are $500 each. The final score at the end of the fourth quarter is $2,000.

"Everyone has an equal chance to win money from the raffle," said Rotary member Scott Yochum. "It is all completely random."

The fundraiser is a cross between a raffle and bingo and is all about "having fun" during the Super Bowl, according to Yochum.

To buy one of the 100 available squares, see a Rotary member or call (404) 307-4574.