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Restaurant Scores: Jan. 13-17
restaurant scores

The following are food service businesses that were inspected by the Dawson County Environmental Health Department from Jan. 13-17, 2020. A score of 69 or less is failing.

Visit the Dawson County Public Health Inspection Page for a searchable list of food service scores


Jan. 13


205 Dawson Village Way S, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 100, Grade: A


Jan. 14


2115 Hwy. 9 S, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 100, Grade: A



201 Recreation Rd., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 97, Grade: A


Jan. 15


29 North 400 Center Ln., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 80, Grade: B

Notes: No paper towels at hand sink in cook/prep area of kitchen. Hand sinks must be properly stocked with paper towels at frequently used hand sinks to accomplish proper handwashing/cleaning procedures as required by regulations. COS: PIC (GM) restocked paper towel dispenser. Shell eggs out on counter top at 75F, stacked cooler freezer with cooler half ambient temperature external thermometer 55F and internal temp 53F and holding time/temperature control for safety foods at 44F - 54F (See temperature observations). COS: Shell eggs voluntarily discarded - discussed using time instead of temperature control for shell eggs if they need to be out of cooler during busy times. Written procedure would be needed to use time for shell eggs. Stacked cooler/freezer stocked about 2 hrs - Time/temperature control for safety foods moved to walk-in cooler and maintenance call placed for cooler. Current inspection report not posted in lobby or at drive-thru window. Most current inspection must be posted in public view in both these locations. COS: This inspection will be posted in both locations. Cooler/freezer door gaskets torn on 1-door lowboy freezer under French fry station and 1-door lowboy cooler in drive thru area. Gaskets need to be kept in good repair to allow for easy cleaning and to help units keep proper temperature by having good sealing doors. Large accumulation of grease/food debris inside cooler under grill used to cook hamburgers that is not in-use. To prevent attraction for pests, keep these areas cleaned frequently. Floors still need better cleaning under all equipment in cook area - under cook line equipment, steam line equipment, ice machine and stacked cooler/freezer - accumulation of trash/grease/water/food in these areas. Clean more frequently to prevent these accumulation that can be attraction for pests.


Jan. 16


12 Dawson Market Way STE 160, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 80, Grade: B

Notes: There is no Certified Food Safety Manager (CFSM) at this location. Previous CFSM has been gone 5 months. At least one employee that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service shall be a certified food safety manager and has shown proficiency by passing a test through an accredited program. Provide copy of new CFSM certification to Environmental Health office within 60 days. All drink nozzle diffusers on drink dispenser with build-up of mold. Drink nozzles and diffusers should be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent the build-up of mold/debris on them. COS: Nozzles and diffusers removed for cleaning and sanitizing. Metal containers stacked wet on clean drainboard of 3-compartment sink with food residue inside. Plastic containers and lids on shelving above 3-compartment sink are sticky after cleaning and sanitizing. After cleaning and sanitizing, check equipment and utensils for cleanliness before storage. COS: Metal containers taken back to 3-compartment to be washed and sanitized again. Unknown liquid in pre-labeled bottle marked window cleaner in bottle holder at front hand sink. Always make sure that pre-labeled bottles are labeled with chemical name on bottle or re-label with different chemical name if bottle not filled with pre-labeled chemical. COS:PIC removed bottles from rack to pour out and re-label as needed. No thermometer available to monitor cold holding and cook temperatures of those food items requiring monitoring. Provide a thermometer readily accessible for ensuring the cooked foods reach required temperature and cold holding food temperatures are maintained.


Jan. 17


215 Marketplace Blvd., Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 96, Grade: A



777 Dogwood Way, Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Score: 93, Grade: A