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More extensive roadwork scheduled for county
CFI construction runs past scheduled completion date
A-Road rehab timelines pic 1
Grass grows into the cracked shoulder of Tanner Road in Dawsonville, one of three county roads scheduled for a full-depth reclamation this year. - photo by Allie Dean Dawson County News

Roadwork similar to what was done on Dawson Forest Road last fall is now planned for three additional roads, says Public Works Director David McKee.

McKee presented before the board of commissioners at its last work session plans for full-depth reclamations of Tanner Road, Kelly Bridge Road and Steve Tate Hwy.

Numbers presented by McKee show that the three roads, totaling 12.2 miles, have greater than 30 percent base failure, which is below industry standards and can jeopardize the safety of Dawson County residents and visitors.

The commission previously approved the use of SPLOST VI revenue funds for the repairs and was asked to vote on May 4 to award a contract to a company to begin the work.

Three vendors submitted prices for the work and the commission voted to award CW Matthews all three projects with an anticipated cost of $4,663,404.16.

The work will be done in three phases and should take 120 days per each phase.

Work on phase 1, Tanner Road, is expected to begin this month. Work on phase 2, 5.5 miles of Kelly Bridge Road, is expected to begin in July, and work on phase 3, Steve Tate Hwy., is expected to begin in November.

All roads will be 24 feet wide. Steve Tate Hwy. will be widened two feet on each side.

"There will be significant impacts to individual lanes [during the work]," McKee said. "Individual lane closures, and open base concrete road for typically three days. There will be traffic delays."

Other road work is wrapping up on part of Henry Grady Hwy., Harmony Church Road, Beartooth Parkway, Sunshine Court, Hemlock Drive and Stonehedge Estates. McKee announced the work in November 2016, which is funded through Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG).

Work on Harmony Church is mostly done with the exception of building shoulders, McKee said. Henry Grady and Beartooth Parkway have one last step to go, a top layer of asphalt. The three other roads are also mostly completed.

Another large chunk of road work, GDOT's continuous flow intersection, has run past its expected completion date of May 10.

GDOT spokeswoman Katie Strickland said the project is now expected to open in mid to late May.

McKee said that an indicator of the intersection officially opening up is when the traffic lights start flashing, which is a warning that a traffic change is coming.

Strickland said that because the CFI is the only one in Georgia and one of only a handful in the US, GDOT is releasing a series of videos on how to navigate the tricky intersection.

The second in the series was released on Monday and details how left-turning traffic will cross over other lanes and be moved out of the flow of traffic much earlier than at normal intersections. The videos can be found on the Georgia DOT Northeast Facebook page, @GDOTNE.