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Grand jury indicts two in alleged set up

Two Dawsonville men accused in connection with planting drugs and a gun in a high school student's car on campus last December were indicted by a grand jury on June 12.  Laland Anderson, 57, and Bradley Massey, 21, surrendered to authorities in January after warrants were issued for their arrests in connection with the alleged set up.  

They were each indicted on two conspiracy counts, one possession of marijuana charge and one charge of entering an auto. Both were also indicted on a theft by taking charge after authorities determined the gun the pair allegedly planted in the teen's car was stolen.  Additionally, Massey faces a single criminal trespass charge, while Anderson was indicted on the offense of solicitation of a crime.  

Authorities think Anderson and Massey conspired and succeeded in setting up Rachel Caldwell, a 17-year-old Dawson County High School senior, last December by placing drugs and a handgun in her car at school.  The names of victims are typically withheld in Dawson Community News articles; however, Caldwell, who has since graduated, was initially arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm, following an administrative search at the high school.  

Dawson County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Tony Wooten said the sheriff's office made the case a top priority, adding that the teen's future hung in the balance of solving the crime. The teen was suspended from school and forced to miss basketball games during the course of the investigation.  

After investigation by the Dawson County Sheriff's Office, all charges were dropped against Caldwell, who said from the beginning that she had no knowledge of the drugs and weapon found in her car.  Anderson and Massey have each been out on $14,000 bond since their arrests.  No trial date has been set.  

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