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Governor: DNR officials to enforce social distancing at parks, lakes
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Gov. Brian Kemp and Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Mark Williams issued a statement Sunday reminding park goers of the ban on groups of 10 or more and of their intention to enforce the ban.

“Across Georgia, there is a mandatory shelter in place order for medically fragile individuals, and gatherings of more than ten people are banned unless there is at least six feet between each person at all times. This order applies to all 159 counties.

The governor's statement said that while many Georgians are heeding the directive, some are not. The governor said DNR would enforce social distancing at parks and lakes.

“The Department of Natural Resources will enforce the executive order limiting large gatherings with officials patrolling bodies of water and campgrounds. They are monitoring coves where people tend to congregate and, if necessary, using bullhorns to tell people to comply with the order. Officials will approach people in violation of the order and demand compliance for the well-being of our citizens and state. Local officials are also working hard to ensure compliance with local directives, which vary by city and county across our state," the statement reads.