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Ghost hunters share tales at local library
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The ability to see ghosts comes naturally for some, said Paranormal Investigator Kathy Trader.


Trader’s husband, Herman, is a “sensitive,” or a person who claims to see or feel paranormal activities.


Kathy Trader, however, sticks to digital gadgets for hunting ghosts.


The couple will be at the Dawson County Library at 2 p.m. Nov. 6 to talk about different types of hauntings.


“We’ll start there and see where it goes,” she said. “We’ll answer any questions people have about the paranormal.”


Tracy Walker, with the Dawson County Library, said past guest speakers on the topic have been a success.


Pop culture’s infatuation with ghosts has also helped, she said.


“With the popularity of some of the TV shows that are on right now ... there’s been a lot of interest in this subject,” Walker said.


The Traders have investigated numerous cemeteries, homes and businesses, as well as allegedly haunted landmarks like the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.


Recently, they were part of an investigation in Tennessee that involved a lock-in at the famed South Pittsburg Hospital.


Mostly, though, the Loganville residents like to keep it local.


“People will call us and say, ‘Hey, there’s something funny going on,’” Trader said. “We’ll go check it out.”


Trader said rationality can usually explain what’s causing the strange occurrence.


“First thing we try to determine is whether it’s something natural causing noises, like rattling pipes or something like that,” Trader said. “Not everything is paranormal.”


Trader uses cameras, digital recorders and night vision equipment in her hunt for the supernatural.


She said the couple “hasn’t done much in Dawsonville, but we’d love to know of some places where investigations are needed.”


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