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Friends reunite at local library
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The Dawson County Library is proud to announce the revitalization of an old tradition.

The Friends of the Library group will once again be a part of the Dawson County community. Eleven members, headed by group president Frank Poltenson, have recently formed an interim board and adopted a set of by-laws.

"For two years, we had to say no when people asked if we had a friends group," said library branch manager Stacey Leonhardt. "It is very common for friends groups to come and go, since it is a group that is run strictly by volunteers."

Leonhardt said it was just a matter of time until a new group started, but that it took time to gather together people and gauge an interest.

"We were waiting for the right person/people who had interest to come along," she said. "We now have a great group of people who are working really hard to get it back up and running."

By listening to various people make mention about the program, Leonhardt was able to put together a group of like-minded individuals to reform the program.

"Beth Paul, who is now the board secretary, was volunteering with me to run the Bookermobile and mentioned that she would be interested in serving in a board position to help bring the friends back," Leonhardt said.

"Ken Reynolds, who is now the vice-president, also expressed interest when he was visiting the library. I never turn away a willing volunteer so I got the two of them together and they ran with it."

With a core group together, the rest formed quickly until 11 people had reformed Friends of the Library.

"We now have several passionate people who stepped up and formed a board and are working on by-laws, Web site, and all of the other things that go along with running a nonprofit organization," Leonhardt said.

Friends of the Library assists in fundraising for the library, offers programs and promotes advocacy for the library. The more money that the group raises, the more programs the library can offer to residents, according to Leonhardt.

"The library is very excited and grateful for the Friends of the Library to be back," she said.

The friends are currently accepting membership applications, which can be found on the library's Web site at