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Film fans flock to movie set
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Dawsonville residents and traveling film fans watch the shooting of the Warner Brothers production Trouble with the Curve on the night of March 21. - photo by Chelsea Thomas Dawson Community News

As word spread that movie legend Clint Eastwood and actress Amy Adams would be in Dawsonville last week, residents and film fans began flocking to the set at Amicalola Lodge.

"I heard about the movie because a location scout visited my brother, who lives in the neighborhood right across from the set," said Sean Sears, a Dahlonega resident. "I have been out here a couple days now."

Sears, a self-described movie enthusiast and Clint Eastwood fan, was among the many who came out to watch the production.

Erica Smith, a county resident, brought her daughter earlier in the week.

"I think the movie is great for Dawsonville," Smith said. "When was the last time we had the hub-bub here? It's just exciting. We're a small town and this is awesome."

Filming began March 19 and continued into this week. Some who came to watch stayed late into the night, using binoculars to see the actors.

Cole Waters, 17, was at the set late on March 21 with his mother, Donna.

A Dawsonville resident, he was struck by the significance of having movie stars in his town. He shared his enthusiasm online.

Pravin Patel, owner of Amicalola Lodge, reported that the craze began before the cameras and lights arrived. He said his phone didn't stop ringing in the weeks leading up to the crew's arrival.

He's also been receiving mail from fans of Justin Timberlake, who is also in the film and was initially reported to be coming to the set.

"I've gotten letters from people wanting me to give them to Justin Timberlake," he said. "I tell them I can't do that, but they want me to. It's really crazy."

Kirsten Hoge, a Dawson County High School freshman, had professional reasons for visiting the set location.

"I came out to the movie set because this is something I want to do," Hoge said. "My mom was like, ‘Go out there and market yourself.'"

Hoge, who currently models, is trying to get involved in the movie industry.

"If I could meet anyone, it would be the producer or Justin Timberlake," she said.

Overall, the crowds behaved themselves while the crew was filming, according to officials.

On March 21, when scenes were being shot toward Hwy. 53, the crowd was asked to stay quiet and to not use flash cameras.

Only whispering between takes and using binoculars to watch, fans congregated across the road to watch Adams and Eastwood film a scene getting into his vintage Mustang.

According to reports, "Trouble with the Curve" is Eastwood's first film in four years and the first he has starred in that he hasn't directed since 1993's "In the Line of Fire."