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Fausett says preserving the rural parts of county still a priority
District 1 Commissioner to seek same seat for 2019
Sharon Fausett
Sharon Fausett will not run for reelection again after serving as District 1’s county commissioner for eight years.


District 1 Commissioner Sharon Fausett announced at last week’s work session that she will be seeking a second term as commissioner.

Her current term expires December 31.

Fausett, 67, said that if elected, one of the things she would most like to see is fire station no. 9 built. The county is currently in the beginning stages of planning the fire station, which would be located in the area of Duck Thurmond and Sweetwater Juno roads.

“I want to see that built and operational because the people over there haven’t had any fire protection and insurance rates are out the roof,” Fausett said. “We have to have people to operate it, but we need to take it one step at a time.”

Fausett said something she is most proud of in her last three years on the board is the salary increases for county employees: the board last March approved nearly $1 million in salary increases.

“They deserved it, the ones that had stuck with us, and it was a really big deal to get it done,” she said. “It’s not perfect and it’s something we’ll have to revisit, but you have to start somewhere.”

Fausett is a sixth generation Dawson County resident and runs an agritourism destination with her husband Danny on the west side of the county, which includes horse trails, sunflower fields, a tree farm and cattle.

Her agricultural roots feed her desire to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the county.

“I haven’t changed since I was first elected, I think we’ve got to be in preservation mode especially in this part of the county (District 1) and I hear people say that’s what they want,” Fausett said.

Fausett said she wants to leave the farm to her son and grandson.

A former teacher, Fausett served as director for the Dawson County Department of Family and Children Services for nearly a decade. She also served on the county’s tax assessor’s board and the comprehensive land-use committee.

She graduated from Dawson County High School and what was then North Georgia College and State University.

Fausett was elected for her first term in 2014 after two-term Commissioner Gary Pichon decided he would not run for re-election. She beat out opponents Corey Gutherie and Kevin Ellison with over 55 percent of the vote.

If re-elected, Fausett said she will continue to be open to communication from her constituents.

“I want to continue to represent the people,” she said. “I love to hear from them and I want to continue to hear from people to shape the county how they want.” 

Fausett is currently the only person who has announced their intention to qualify for the position.