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Deputy on road to recovery
Plans for kidney transplant in sight
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For nearly two years, Dep. Mickey Gilbertson of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office has been suffering from kidney problems and is in the process of receiving a much-need transplant.


Since October 2008, Gilberston has been abiding by necessary instructions in order to receive a transplant, but has not been able to make any significant strides towards receiving it.


Due to setbacks and communication issues, he has since changed hospitals in an effort to receive better medical attention, as well as turn the crucial operation into a completed task.


Once Gilbertson was matched with a donor and began completing the necessary steps required by the transplant program, it became apparent that his medical insurance would cover some of the costs of the procedure, but would hardly make a dent in the total costs of the transplant.


It was then that family, friends and coworkers stepped up to the plate to help.


Fundraisers such as a basketball tournament and spaghetti dinner with a car raffle and live music, among others, have helped raise about $40,000 to help offset expenses of the operation.


Grateful for his “good neighbors and friends in Dawson County,” Gilbertson wants those to know who participated in the fundraising events that he is thankful for their support and that a transplant is still planned to take place in the near future.


“I want the community to know that their efforts and funds donated are very much appreciated,” Gilbertson said. “We have experienced some roadblocks along the way, but are still working towards getting the transplant.”


Gilbertson noted that once he gets the transplant and begins his road to recovery, he plans on organizing an event for the whole community to enjoy, like a cookout, as a way of expressing his gratitude.