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Dawsonville-opoly: Dawson County gets new locally themed Monopoly game
Dawsonville now it's own locally themed Monopoly game, including local roads, businesses, resturants and attractions. - photo by Alexander Popp

In the end of August, a new game appeared on shelves at the Dawson County Walmart - “Dawsonville-opoly”. 


Dawsonville-opoly is a board game based on the ever-popular Monopoly but featuring landmarks and local businesses specific to Dawson County. 

The board features local restaurants like the Dawsonville Pool Room, Big D’s BBQ and Papa’s Place and local parks like Veteran’s Memorial Park and Thompson Creek Park. Instead of the railroad spaces of a standard Monopoly game, players can instead buy some of Dawson County’s main roads, like Hwy. 9, Shoal Creek Road, Main and Maple Street. 

The most “expensive” spaces on the board are City Hall, Amicalola Falls State Park, the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame, Dawson County Court House and Downtown Dawsonville. Other spaces include the Mountain Moonshine Festival, the Bowen Center for the Arts, Uncle Shucks Corn Maze and the Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery. 

“Contingency” cards include actions players must complete, such as “You placed first in the annual Moonshine Run! Collect $20.” and “You ate too many Bully Burgers from the Dawsonville Pool Room! Lose one turn to recover.” and “Big Fun” cards include items like “You are crowned Miss Dawsonville! Collect $100.”


Dawson County Chamber of Commerce President Christie Moore told the Dawson County News that she had heard of the game, but hadn’t seen the board or played the game herself. 

“I haven’t actually physically seen it, we haven’t gotten a copy of it yet, but I have seen it on Facebook,” Moore said. 

Moore noted that off the top of her head, the main spots the board seem to be missing are the Len Foote Hike Inn and something Lake Lanier related, but that overall the game seems to have covered most of the main places that make Dawson County what it is. 

“I think it’s always fun to promote your hometown and to play a game that has recognizable places on it,” Moore said. 

To get your own copy of the “Dawsonville-opoly” board game, visit the toy and games section of the Dawson County Walmart.