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Dawson smoke detectors not part of fire department recall
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Recent reports were released that indicated one Georgia fire department was recalling approximately 18,000 alleged counterfeit smoke detectors.

“Dawson County Emergency Services wishes to assure all residents no recall has been issued for any smoke detectors distributed by our organization,” said spokesperson Cathy Brooks.

According to Deputy Chief Tim Satterfield: “We buy our smoke detectors through the state fire marshal’s office and they get them directly from the manufacturer.”  

Most of the smoke detectors distributed by Dawson County Emergency Services are manufactured by Kidde.  Both the box and the unit are clearly marked UL™ listed on the Dawson County smoke detectors.   The unit itself contains a sticker with an issue number. 

The questionable smoke detectors carry a hologram sticker indicating the product is UL™ listed, according to reports.

“There is no hologram on our smoke detectors,” said Satterfield.

If any resident is concerned about his or her smoke detector, they are urged to contact Dawson County Emergency Services immediately to have the smoke alarm inspected.

Citizens are reminded to test smoke detectors twice a year and replace batteries. But, smoke detectors are only one part of every home’s fire safety plan. 

Satterfield suggests every family make and practice a home escape plan. 

“Escape plans help you get out of your home quickly. 

“In less than 30 seconds a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire,” he said.

Satterfield also recommends regularly inspecting your home for safety hazards. 

For more information on fire prevention and safety or to have your home inspected, contact Dawson County Emergency Services at (706) 344-3666.