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County to hold open budget hearings
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June 26
9 a.m. Superior and Drug Court
9:45 a.m Keep Dawson County Beautiful
10 a.m. CASA
10:30 a.m. Senior Center/Transit
11 a.m. Fleet
11:30 a.m. Health Department

June 27
9 a.m. Public Defender
9:45 a.m. Elections
10:30 a.m. Public Works/Transfer Station
11 a.m. Probate Court
11:30 a.m. Extension

June 28
9 a.m. Magistrate Court
9:45 a.m. Finance
10:30 a.m. Planning/Marshal
11 a.m. Parks and Recreation
11:30 a.m. Family Connection

June 29
9 a.m. Coroner
9:45 a.m. Facilities
10:30 a.m. IT
11 a.m. Clerk of Court/Board of Equalization
11:30 a.m. County Manager/County Attorney

Monday, July 3
9 a.m. Tax Assessor
9:45 a.m. Fire/EMS/EMA
10:30 a.m. Human Resources/Risk Mgmt.
11 a.m. Board of Commissioners
11:30 a.m. Development Authority

Wednesday, July 5
9 a.m. Tax Commissioner
9:45 a.m. Sheriff
11 a.m. Chamber of Commerce
11:30 a.m. Library

Thursday, July 6
9 a.m. District Attorney
9:30 a.m NOA
10 a.m. DFACS
10:30 a.m. Humane Society
11 a.m. Arts Council
11:30 a.m. Juvenile Court




The Dawson County Board of Commissioners will be holding a series of open hearings over the next two weeks to discuss the 2017-2018 budget.

According to Chairman Billy Thurmond, this is the first time since former chair Mike Berg took office in 2005 that such hearings have been held with the whole commission present.

Before, Berg met with the finance department and the county manager and created the budget after meeting with department heads individually. He then presented the recommended budget to the commissioners in a regular meeting for the board to amend or approve.

The reason for the change, Thurmond said, is to have a more transparent process for allocating funds to various departments.

"All of the commissioners will have an opportunity to be there and participate in the whole process," Thurmond said. "I want them to have full input and be there firsthand to fully understand the needs of department heads and officials."

The board held a preliminary workshop on April 21 during which all of the department heads gave both a two-year and a four-year outlook of where they see their departments in the future.

Thurmond said the workshop was a good planning exercise and that he is waiting to hear the requests from all department heads and elected officials before establishing what he wants to focus on.

"The board needs to set some priorities, because there is never enough funds to cover everything that's asked for," Thurmond said. "In the past, budgets were set and over the 12 months they weren't changed. My goal is to set priorities so that if revenue increases, we can use that money instead of waiting 12 months to come back to it again."

The meetings will be held in the assembly room at the Dawson County Government Center on June 26-29, July 3, 5 and 6. All hearings are scheduled to last from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.