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Confirmed case of rabies in Dawson County
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Local animal control officials announced Tuesday morning that they have received confirmation of a rabies case in Dawson County.

The reported case was verified in a cow located near Stowers Road, just off Ga. 400 North.

The property owner is working with Dawson County Animal Control, Dawson County Environmental Health and the Georgia Department of Agriculture to keep the remaining cattle under close observation for signs of rabies, according to County Manager Kevin Tanner.

The remaining cattle in the immediate area have been inventoried and placed under watch for a six month period.

Dawson County Animal Control staff will monitor the cattle during the period to watch for any symptoms of rabies.

Adjacent property owners have been notified of the case and are aware of the warning signs to look for in the event that a pet or wild animal should show indications of rabies.

For more information, or if you notice any domestic, stray or wild animals acting out of the ordinary, contact 9-1-1 or Dawson County Animal Control at (706) 265-9387.

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