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City of Dawsonville plans sidewalk expansion, improvements
16 scheduled or proposed
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The City of Dawsonville has plans for more sidewalks, some of which will be paid out of the proceeds of SPLOST V and SPLOST VI, with a total of 16 projects identified.

According to Public Works Operations Manager Trampas Hansard, the city in 2017 has already completed four sections of sidewalks downtown to help promote safe passage of pedestrians.
As of Tuesday, the city maintains 7.43 miles of sidewalk.

Sidewalks the city has recently completed include one sidewalk on Allen Street past the Dawson County Library, which connects with existing sidewalk just past Fire Station No. 1,a sidewalk on Howser Mill Road to Calvary Baptist Church, a sidewalk on Perimeter Road from Dawson County High School to the intersection of Hwy. 53 East and the Stonewall subdivision and a sidewalk from the Perimeter Road and Hwy. 53 East intersection to the end of the existing Farmington Woods apartment complex sidewalk.

The sidewalks that extend to Stonewall and Farmington Woods reach a total of 126 residences in the city.

Sidewalk work scheduled to start in the near future includes a sidewalk from Shoal Creek Road to the Red Hawk Ridge subdivision, a project that was recently put out for bids and has an estimated start date this summer. The project has a budget of $120,000, which should use up nearly all of the remaining SPLOST V funds.

That sidewalk will reach 154 homes in the subdivision.

Other sidewalks currently in the engineering phase include one from Shoal Creek Road to the Rainhill subdivision, which will reach 115 homes. Others reach from Robinson Elementary School to Hwy. 9 North, from the intersection of Perimeter Road and Hwy. 9 North to Robinson Road, from Perimeter Road to Farmington Woods on the opposite end of the existing sidewalk, with a proposed crosswalk over Hwy. 9 South, and from the intersection of Perimeter Road and Hwy. 9 North to Rainhill.

A sidewalk from the intersection of Perimeter Road and Hwy. 53 East to Main Street has been approved by the city and not yet engineered.

Sidewalks from Allen Street to city hall, from Mill's Ford Road to Maple Street and from Memory Lane to Hwy. 53 via Jack Heard Road have been proposed but not approved.

Replacement of portions of sidewalk along Maple Street South, as well as new sidewalks to the Creekstone subdivision, and another planned development along Hwy. 53 West, and via Stegall Place have also not been approved, but are on the city's radar.