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CBD store sees string of stolen signs
cbd store
Your CBD Store Dawsonville opened up on Ga. 400 Friday Sept. 20. - photo by Joshua Demarest

Since Your CBD Store in Dawsonville opened its doors at the end of September, employees have noticed their signs mysteriously disappearing.

While other signs advertising the store’s neighbors in the shopping center off Ga. 400 have remained untouched, General Manager Jamie Buice has seen signs advertising the CBD store vanish from the premises.

“When it first happened, somebody came and we had a feather flag out front, and then somebody had issued a complaint to the county and said they didn’t like it,” Buice said.

According to Buice, county code enforcement officials asked that Your CBD Store to remove the large feather flag from the front of the store during the week and to only display it on weekends.

When he asked why his sign was the only one required to be removed, Buice said he was told “nobody’s complained about theirs, they only complained about yours.”

Your CBD Store is located at 837 Ga. 400 STE 130, in the same shopping center as Friends, Domino’s Pizza, Mattress Firm and Firehouse Subs. Signs on display for the other businesses in the complex have not been removed.

The store has been in compliance with what they were told about displaying their large feather flag, but then their smaller signs located within the shopping center and on the store’s property started to disappear.

“These signs last week and the week before just started getting gone,” Buice said. “They just keep taking them. It’s like every other day.”

Last Saturday, Buice said a woman came into the store to alert the staff that a gentleman had loaded the Your CBD Store signs into his truck and drove away. She provided a picture of the man’s license plate in case the store wanted to report the missing signs.

“She wasn’t even a customer. She had never even been in our store,” Buice said. “She’s just like ‘I’m just a concerned patron that thinks that this guy’s probably got a problem’ and that’s when the thefts started.”

Because the small display signs are relatively inexpensive, the store managers had not reached out to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office because they were unsure that anything could be done.

“It’s just not right if they’re going to take something that’s not theirs,” Buice said. “Some of them were actually on our property that they took.”

Buice believes that the reason the signs have been getting stolen is due to a misconception of what CBD oil is.

“We are not like a pot shop or anything like that,” Buice said. “Marijuana is a cousin of the product that we have.”

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from industrial hemp. While marijuana and industrial hemp are similar plants, hemp contains a significantly lower percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives off the ‘high’ that is usually associated with marijuana.

Hemp contains a maximum of 0.3% THC while marijuana can contain between five and 20% THC.

CBD oil is used as a natural and holistic herbal supplement to treat ailments such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, diabetes, pain and insomnia. It can be taken in a glass of water, a few drops under the tongue, an edible candy, topical cream and even bath bombs.

“Some of my own family and friends, at first, they didn’t understand it. I didn’t even either...a year ago I didn’t understand what it was,” said Buice. “It’s nothing about getting high, nothing about any psychoactive effect whatsoever.”

Regardless of the stolen signs, Buice said Your CBD Store is trucking along to help people in the community.

“We’re there to help. We’re here to pay taxes to the county and the city and do well and be a benefit,” Buice said. “We plan on being a cornerstone. We want to be there at all of the events...whatever we can do to be a cornerstone in the community. Our mentality is completely different than what a lot of people think that we’re there for.”