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Baking battle: Young people face off in cupcake war at library
Cupcake wars 4
The top three literary cupcake winners pose with their creations. From left: Hope Lindsey received second place for her Harry Potter inspired cupcake featuring the Sorting Hat, Taylor Nesom received second place for her book burning scene from The Book Thief and McKenna Bruhl received first place for her detailed grass field and horse scene from her favorite book The War That Saved My Life. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Many young bibliophiles headed to the Dawson County Library July 11 for a cupcake competition that tested the kids’ decorating abilities with their edible creations. Kids flocked to the supply table to stock up on candies, cookies and colorful frosting to bring their literary inspired cupcake art to life. 

The challenge was intense as kids were limited to 45 minutes to decorate one cupcake in the theme of their favorite book or book series and could only use three different design elements like pretzels, cookies or candies along with colored frosting to bring their favorite book scenes to life.

 The top three cupcakes were chosen by a panel of librarians who picked cupcakes that best represented the theme of the books. All winners received raffle tickets. 

Participants then naturally scarfed down their tasty treats.