Two others accused in alleged armed robbery linked to Hannah Bender murder case
Two people charged in Hannah Bender’s 2019 murder case, Isaac Huff and Bailey Williams, were recently accused of being parties to an alleged armed robbery in which Austin Todd Stryker was also implicated.
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Arrest Report September 19
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Sept. 10

Tamera Leigh Brown, 30, Dawsonville: False statements and writings/concealment of fact.

Jacob Dylan Couch, 20, Cumming: Probation violation/felony.

Kenneth Michael Matthews, 59, Lincoln, Mich.: Probation violation/felony.

Alexander Mendoza, 23, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Michael Ruben O’Reilly, 24, Gainesville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Lindsey Marie Peterman, 31, Athens: Probation violation/felony.

Ryan William Quigley, 31, Dahlonega: Serving county sentence.

Joseph Gilbert Thomas, 32, Dawsonville: Probation violation/felony.

Sept. 11

Jonathan Lamar Brumbelow, 26, Dawsonville: Here for court.

Kenneth Charles Davis, 47, Dawsonville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Danny Alan Hyde, 50, Dawsonville: Driving while license suspended/revoked, suspended vehicle registration, failure to wear seat belt.

Kristi Darlene Sanders, 41, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Sheena Weaver, 47, Toccoa: Harassing phone calls.

Sept. 12

Lorin Marie Baker, 25, Gainesville: Driving while license suspended/revoked.

David Joel Bedingfield, 51, Dawsonville: False report of auto theft, driving while license suspended/revoked, improper backing, failure to stop and render aid, failure to maintain lane.

Michelle Renee Campbell, 41, Dawsonville: Possession of a controlled substance, drug related objects, possession of dangerous drugs.

Stanley Nelson Edwards, 63, Dawsonville: Possession of a controlled substance, drug related objects, possession of dangerous drugs.

Amos Floyd Womble, 39, Dawsonville: Aggravated assault/family violence.

Sept. 13

Jeffrey David Buck, 53, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Darin Terrell Clark, 50, Atlanta: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.

Michael Joe Connor, 58, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Joseph Michael King, 34, Gainesville: Hold for other agency.

Billy Joe Lee, 43, Guntervilles: Obstruction of officer, possession of firearm by convicted felon, solicitation of sodomy.

Justin David Nalley, 35, Marble Hill: Two probation violations/misdemeanors.

Douglas O’Brien Proctor, 34, Dawsonville: Probation violation/misdemeanor.

Sept. 14

Jacob Matthew Dickens, 19, Dawsonville: Driving while license suspended/revoked, failure to stop for stop sign.

Mauricio Gonzalez, 25: Serving county sentence.

Ray Franklin Miller, 58, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.

Bruce Edward Morgan, 46, Dacula: Probation violation/felony.

Andrew Paul Myers, 31, Gainesville: Financial transaction card fraud.

William Matthew Smith, 31, Dawsonville: Failure to comply.

Eli Weldon Stowers, 18, Dawsonville: Theft by shoplifting.

Sept. 15

Alejandro Paredes Sanchez, 52, Cumming: Driving without license.

Sept. 17

Kayla Lorine Gourlay, 21, Cumming: Serving county sentence.