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Area man owns 60,000 records and Coke bottles more than 100 years old
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Forsyth County resident Lamar Pruitt has an impressive collection of nearly 60,000 records and thousands of Coco-Cola bottles and products. - photo by Kelly Whitmire
As Lamar Pruitt cranked a handle on his Victor Vic III, a phonograph produced in the early 20th century, and dropped the machines, the room in his Cumming home filled with the sound of “Golden Slippers” by Vernon Dalhart and Carson Robinson, a gospel tune recorded in the 1920s, played from a shellac disk, a predecessor to modern vinyl records. “You have to wind it up,” Pruitt explained. “No electricity.” While many may have never heard – or heard of – a phonograph or other antique devices, the Vic III is one of about 25 of the machines that Pruitt owns, including phonographs – machines like the Vic III with a horn and hand crank – and Victrolas – larger players with internal horns inside a wooden cabinet making it more of a piece of furniture. Each of the machines has its own story and intricacies, and most are filled with records.